Industrial Athletic Blog | Covid-19 delays explained.
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Covid-19 delays explained.

Covid-19 delays explained.

Covid-19 delays explained.


I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support over this unprecedented period.  It’s been a real rollercoaster for all of us, nonetheless yourselves also. The IA team have not taken their foot off the gas pedal at all, throughout, working as hard as ever to try and meet your needs.  Let dive into this a little, so you have a state of play on the current situation. Let’s look at this from your perspective.  


Here are the most common questions


When will you have more stock?

Almost all of our manufacturing comes from International suppliers.  Lead times for manufacture and delivery are usually long, anyway. Of the products we have sold out of, we have all of it on order.  Depending on the product, it could be 1-12 weeks away.


Why is it taking longer than usual to re-stock?

Production – As global trade ramps back up, the demand is also increasing.  There has been a deficit in production over the past few months, so globally stocks are low.  Production times have increased due to demand.

Sea Freight – There are fewer ships now, and less selection for us as a result.  There is also a major influx of product to ship, which means available space is competitive.  Finding a booking is difficult so we are being creative. Much the same as people were, in trying to fly home when the outbreak got serious.  We are routing containers through a variety of trans-ship ports to get them here.

Air Freight – Much the same as the sea freight issue.  Booking on flights are competitive, and now much more pricey.  We will be reviewing this daily, as some products we can move by air, but time and cost will be a major consideration.


I placed an order, and I haven’t received a dispatch notification?

Our staff are doing the absolute best they can.  The volumes being pumped trough our warehouse (which we share space and staff with many other companies) are reported to be double, if not triple that of Christmas trading.  All of the orders have been sent through, in the order, they came in, and we have triple checked stock. Barring a few damages of human error on counts, all orders will go out in order.  Please be patient here, as it’s likely we won’t get an immediate response from the warehouse. Why? 

  • Customer service are all working from home
  • Limited staff are on to maintain separation
  • Split shift and contact tracing protocols are in effect
  • New Disinfecting and Heath and Safety measures are in effect
  • Stress levels are inevitably high


Can I pre-order something?

We are working on a better online system for pre-ordering.  Right now we have no transparency on orders if you buy an in-stock item and a pre-order item.  We have removed the pre-order option to save you stress. 


I want to get a stock notification for a particular size of an item, but it just shows out of stock?

This is an IT issue we are again trying to solve, rapidly.  It’s a plug-in into our website, and we’re looking for another option that may have a few more features.   


Other people have their order, and they ordered after me?

There are many factors that contribute here.  

  • Location is always a factor, it takes longer to dispatch to Southland vs Auckland 
  • We have no control over the courier networks and their efficiencies
  • Transport/Bulk orders are generally slower than the courier packs
  • We have 2 dispatch locations at the moment.  One is residential and is catering for most of the small courier items
  • Our “Lockdown Stock” category was fully able to supply throughout level 4, so smaller items were being sent regularly
  • Our first day of trading was the 15th of April.  Orders started processing on the 16th. Please be patient as the factors above are having an effect on time.  This is the same for all online retailers right now 


I asked a question online, when will you get back to me?

Our Customer service enquiry volume has doubled, at least.  Working from home has its challenges as you all know. We have kids running around, computers failing under the stress, and limited access to resources.  We are all working longer than ever hours, in trying circumstances, and have modified some processes to suit. Please try to be patient, we are prioritising these in the order they come in.  


I would like to finish by thanking you all again for the respect and courtesy that you are treating all of the Industrial Athletic staff with.  I do imagine that stress levels are peaking at times, but we are seeing very few incidents of that. As people trying to survive this period we are facing all of the same frustrations as you (I’m waiting on a package from another online store for 5 weeks, and can’t even get a response from the retailer or carrier, Oh well)


Stay Safe, Stay Strong


Rob Holah

Just part of an awesome team

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