Industrial Athletic Blog | Protips in 2 mins with Rob: Kettlebells
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Protips in 2 mins with Rob: Kettlebells

Protips in 2 mins with Rob: Kettlebells

Our October ProTips in 2 mins video focuses on our Industrial Athletic kettlebells.

Today we’re going to have a quick chat about cast iron kettlebells and some of the things to watch out for if you are buying them. We’re very proud of our kettlebells – we’ve been to the factory, we’ve seen how they’re made. Believe it or not, every kettlebell has it’s own mould which is made from a black iron sand. Cast iron is gravity poured into the mould which is then set and gives it a perfect natural surface with no embellishments around the handle which is definitely something you want to watch out for, just because it can tear your hands up if you get a cheap kettlebell thats been cleaned up around here, or still has spots of iron or coating around it.

We’ve been powder coating our kettlebells now for a couple of years and we find that it’s incredibly resilient when you use the right type of coating. It is top secret which one we’ve used, but we do find this one is very very durable, more than any other we’ve found on the market.

As far as usage and comfort goes there is a bit of science in behind how a kettlebell should be shaped and formed. Reducing the size of the handle without reducing the quality or strength of the kettlebell is very important – that’s why a one piece mould is crucial to ketttlebell design. All of the Industrial Athletic cast iron kettlebells are colour coded for size which conforms to international standards.

With a cool as Industrial Athletic embossed logo on the front and both pounds and kilograms on the back of every kettlebell its easy to figure out which one you need to use. Ranging in sizes all the way from 4kg to 48kg we’ve definitely got the size you need covered.