Industrial Athletic Blog | Ordering suspended sitewide
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Ordering suspended sitewide

Ordering suspended sitewide

Hey Everyone,

Its been a crazy 24 hours that’s for sure.  it seems the community was hanging out for some real functional fitness and activity.  Of course, we believe in this style of training and movement, so it was no surprise.  What has been a surprise is the speed at which you all launched into action.  Our small team and website just cannot keep up, so we are taking a breath.

To do this, we have needed to shut down the ordering functions of our website temporarily, to play catch up.  Delivery expectations and your happiness are paramount, and we know we are already going to let people down in the next few days.  Please be patient as we work through the backlog, and try to get a handle on this so we can fulfil the current orders, make changes to any orders that have doubled up on our stock, and order more!


On behalf of the entire team here, Thank you, stay safe, stay strong.


Rob and Amber Holah