Industrial Athletic Blog | ProTips in 2 mins with Rob: Strength Bands
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ProTips in 2 mins with Rob: Strength Bands

ProTips in 2 mins with Rob: Strength Bands

Our first ProTips in 2 minutes for 2018 has Rob chatting about our brand new Industrial Athletic strength/resistance bands. They’re more natural, smoother and now in a cool new two tone colour.

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Today we’re going to be talking about our new resistance bands here at Industrial Athletic, often known as exercise bands, strength bands, power bands or fitness bands, they provide resistance or assistance when doing some of your favourite exercises.

They are 100% natural latex which makes them incredibly strong, they don’t stink of recycled rubber, and they’ve got a beautiful smooth texture which is a little bit softer on the skin and doesn’t tear out your hairs.

Predominantly our bands are 4mm thick but some of the smaller ones are a little bit smaller, some of the bigger ones are a tiny bit bigger and that is purely because they have a different function or feature. If you look at the really small micro band, it’s 15mm wide by 4mm thick predominantly used for mobility and stretching, go all the way up to the bad boy which is the blue – 100mm wide and 4.5mm thick – great for those really heavy movements like deadlifts or bench press if you need some serious resistance.

Of course we always want to be different here at Industrial Athletic so we’ve gone with this really cool two tone, so that you know that you’re buy a quality product from Industrial Athletic.

We’ve got heaps more information about our brand new bands on our blog and of course