Industrial Athletic Blog | What can we do in the Covid 19 chaos?
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What can we do in the Covid 19 chaos?

What can we do in the Covid 19 chaos?

We are dispatching limited stock

We’re guessing your inboxes have been spammed from every mailing list you’ve ever subscribed to with an email about what each company is doing in this new world we find ourselves in. We are currently ruled over by the tiny dictator we all now know as Covid-19… or The Rona, as we’ve now called him. Well here’s some good news for you! We are able to send limited stock out to our customers!

With New Zealand now at Level 4 and everyone in full lockdown, aside from those providing essential services, we’ve had an overwhelming interest in people wanting to get access to equipment to workout at home. We are in constant contact with the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) as to the ever-changing rules about what is deemed an “essential service.” 

Prior to the lockdown, we moved a trailer load of smaller stock items to one of our teams home address on the chance that we would be able to dispatch orders via courier from a lockdown address. As with most small businesses we need to be able to trade in order to remain viable as a business.

The good news is that we have been informed by MBIE that at this stage we can supply equipment if you can receive orders remotely and we can distribute them via courier from our home (or wherever we are self-isolating). Which means we are now about to dispatch the stock items we have on hand – you can see what’s available to order here

This stock will be picked and packed by a staff member who is currently locked down in her bubble with one other person. She will be taking the following precautions when dispatching orders:

  • Hands will be thoroughly washed and disinfected and gloves are worn prior to accessing any of the equipment
  • All computers, labelling equipment and packaging equipment will be wiped with a disinfectant prior to dispatching orders and after dispatching orders
  • All door handles will be thoroughly wiped down with disinfectant prior to dispatching orders and after dispatching orders
  • Orders will be placed outside with the door closed to await the courier pickup

All our bigger stock items and equipment are stored and dispatched from a 3rd Party logistics operation and warehouse.  Whilst they are still operating for essential services, at this stage we are not allowed to dispatch orders from that location. The important words here are ‘at this stage’. It appears that the rules are constantly evolving and we are awaiting a decision about whether gym equipment might be deemed essential e-commerce due to the benefit to health and wellness that exercise provides.

For more information please see

Thanks again for all your support.  Be Safe, Stay Strong.


Rob and Amber Holah…

…and our entire team at Industrial Athletic