Industrial Athletic Blog | Wine, waves and WODs
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Wine, waves and WODs

Wine, waves and WODs

The Christmas break is almost here which for most Kiwi’s means letting loose having a few drinks, spending quality time with family and hitting the beach whenever possible to enjoy the beautiful weather we’re so lucky to have in this country over summer.

While it’s an excellent opportunity to give your body a well deserved rest from training, if you’re anything like me you go a little stir crazy if you don’t do something.  It’s super easy to throw a few small pieces of IA gear in the car and keep up with the fitness over Christmas!  Check out a few WODs we’ve put together below that you only need 4 pieces of equipment for, and a decent tree branch!

5 rounds
10 kettlebell snatch
15 kettlebell swings
20 kettlebell walking lunges
200m run

(find a tree with a sweet branch to hang rings from but be damn careful climbing it!)
10 min EMOM
Min 1:  50 double unders
Min 2:  5 muscle ups/strict ring dips if you don’t have muscle ups

Bodybuilding/accessories – 4 rounds for quality
10 bicep curls using IA strength band – each arm
20 tricep dips (find a park bench) – weight with kettlebell if required
20 kettlebell weighted sit ups
20 standing tricep overhead extensions with kettlebell

Kettlebell goblet squats
30 double unders each round

10 rounds
5m handstand walk
4 pistols
3 push ups
2 strict dips

3 rounds
100m run
30 mountain climbers
100m run
30 jumps over kettlebell
100m run
30 kettlebell swings

12 min EMOM
20 toes to rings
2 muscle ups
Max burpees in remaining time

WOD 8 
Kettlebell Grace
30 kettlebell clean and jerks (alternating)

If you’re really struggling to keep at it while you’re away a good long walk on the beach or a dip in the ocean is good for the body and soul!

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